Meet Hagaizo Mukomango: Fast-Rising Business Lady


Many youths fear taking over family run businesses because of self-doubt that they might not perform as well or even better than their parents. And when the role reversal happens in their 20s, the burden can feel too much to bear, but for 28 year old, Hagaizo Chabala Mukomanga, best known as ‘Chabby’ in her friendship and family cycles, the challenge of taking over the family run school was a blessing she welcomed with both hands.

Hagaizo, a greek name from the Bible which means “Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth” as supported in John 17:17, she is the first born child whose character is best defined by her name. Her interest in the education sector began in her young age, having observed her mother’s undiluted contrubution and love for the teaching service. She also witnessed how challenging it was to keep the family run school afloat, particularly when it came to increasing numbers for pupils and developed an aspiration to turn her burgeoning skills into a success. With practical experience under the watchful eye of her parents, whom she credits highly, coupled with the knowledge she gained earning a diploma in Music and English Teaching at Evelyn Hone College, primed, Hagaizo, for her career in the teaching service and current role as CEO at the Seven Builders School where she’s been for nearly six (6) years, ensuring the school has and maintains it’s vision of embracing the five major aspects of; Spiritual, Mental, Physical, Social & Economic empowerment.

“The School was started in 2016 by my mom, Anet Nzali Mukomango, a teacher by profession. She taught at Ngwelele Primary School in Garden, Chilulu. She named it “Seven Builders School” after my father’s construction company which to us ‘Seven’ means ‘completeness. I took over the runnings of the school at the age of 23 after completing my music and English teachers diploma, with the support and knowledge of both my parents strengthening my perspective on the significance of the work. Funny enough, I wanted to do engineering just like my dad who is an architect but later found myself in education alas it turned out to be something that was meant for me. The lessons were hard-won. I did much of the advertisements like giving out flyers to people in the area which lead to the growth of the school from Baby-Class to Grade 7″

“My day-to-day office work responsibilities include working on all errands in making sure we offer quality education to the learners. We are right in the community because we want to tap on the lowest aspect and give them a hope and vision to asend to the highest level of human attainment from the lowest, this is why we have placed the school in the low community in Lilanda, Tandeni area. Our inspiration is we want a school that is different and mostly centered on both Biblical and physical academic understanding,” adds Hagaizo

Overall, her dedication and hard work have paid off, as the school has had a significant impact on the community, providing quality education and a nurturing environment to children. Hagaizo, has extended her passion to service in the community as she is now sponsoring about 15 orphans that are under the school responsibilities.


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