Hundreds bid farewell to 11-year-old Sherlyn who died after being defiled

SHERLYN Nembeye, the 11-year-old girl who was defiled and murdered in Nakonde over the weekend has been put to rest.

Hundreds of people turned up to pay their last respects to the minor who became the second victim to die after being defiled and killed since June in Chiyanga village of Nakonde.

The grandfather, Fredrick Bwalya, has told Chete FM news that the death of Sherlyn should be a turning point for Chiyanga resident in way they live.

He has urged the community to closely work with the police because the criminals know the victims before carrying out the acts.

He said the whole of Nakonde should realise that the problem does not affect Chiyanga alone and must remain united to end the challenge.

Sherlyn was found dead on Sunday few meters from a water source which the villages mostly relies on for domestic use.

The defilement cases in Zambia’s border town with Tanzania are believed to be for rituals and calls to heighten security have been made.

Already, the District Commissioner’s office has committed to lobby for a police post to be built by the community with support from central government.

Another 11-year-old in Mumbwa died on Monday after being defiled by two men aged 20 years and 25 years.

Credit: Chete FM

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