MMD is dead- GBM

NEVERS Mumba should never think of being a republican president because MMD will never resurrect, the Patriotic Front (PF) has said.

PF vice national chairperson for mobilisation, Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba, said in Zambia a political party that had held power before. had never been voted back.
He said in an interview yesterday that MMD was dead and Dr Mumba should think of undertaking other ventures.
Mr Mwamba was reacting to accusations by Dr Mumba that the ruling party rigged Lukashya by-elections using pre-marked ballot papers.
But Mr Mwamba said the 114 votes which MMD got in the just ended by election was a true reflection that the party was dead. “Those 114 people who voted for MMD are just hard core members but the party has no structures in the country.
“I have relatives who were die hard MMD but right now they don’t even talk about it,that means MMD no longer exists, the party doesn’t have structures,” he said.
Dr Mumba, Mr Mwamba said, must accept reality that the party does not exist anymore.
Mr Mwamba said it was prudent that Dr Mumba acknowledged that the ruling was popular and that it would continue claiming more votes across the country.

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