Lusaka play house ‘like’ a den of rats

Dear editor,

The Lusaka play house is in a deplorable state and in need of urgent attention from the relevant authorities such as the ministry of Tourism and Arts.

I recently visited the Lusaka play house which is in the Capital City opposite two international hotels having it proposed to be an immediate tourist attraction.  This place is supposed to showcase our cultures, our lives and experiences and generally give entertainment to the Zambian people and the tourists.

It’s not fit for human habitation because the toilets, the theater hall (the furniture, the stage, the lighting, the bar, the parking, the security) all leave much   to be desired. No wonder senior government officials such as directors, permanent secretaries and the Minister of the department (ministry of Tourism and Arts) cannot go there.

This place is supposed to be a tourist attraction with the capacity to create employment for many youths but unfortunately like many activity magnets, it’s forgotten about.

Therefore, our appeal to the National Acts Council and the Ministry of Tourism and Arts is to renovate or build a new Lusaka Play House.  If there are any plans regarding the same the plans are long overdue and must be executed with immediate effect. Finances are not a problem since we have seen you giving huge sums of money to a selected few artists so, let’s also give them somewhere to showcase their talents. Otherwise the Lusaka play house is like a Den of Rats.

Ezra Ngulube

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