3 in court for assault

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A LUSAKA married woman has narrated how she was assaulted by two girls and a boyfriend of one of the teenagers, over allegations that she had a sexual affair with the same man.

This is in a case where the girls- Nancy Zulu and Nana Chikanyu, and Misheck Banda have been charged for assaulting Agnes Mulwani Njila, over allegations that she had a sexual affair with Banda, Zulu’s boyfriend.

Testifying before Lusaka Magistrate David Simusamba yesterday, Ms Njila, 31, of Kuku compound, said on September 30, 2017 she was on her way home from Villa Park where she had attended a pre wedding fete locally known as amatebeto, when she found five girls between Mitsubishi Zambia and Castle complex on Kafue road.

“I bypassed them and after about three metres, they shouted at me that I was a prostitute and there was a man coming in front of me. When I followed them, two of them ran away and when I asked Nancy what she said, two others started beating me and one of them went for my bag. They beat me with their hands before some people separated us.

“I went home and I found that my husband was not there. They followed me home, they came with force and started beating me again. Misheck punched me on the left eye, where I now have an operation, and bit my finger. There were some people in the house but they did not know that I was being beaten outside. It is only my firstborn son who came and told people inside the house that I was being beaten. That is how neighbours came and separated us,” Ms Njila said.

She said when her husband came, he found the trio still insulting her and she later reported the matter to Embassy police post before being treated at Chawama clinic.

In cross examination, the three accused persons were shocked by Ms. Njila’s answers to their questions.

Zulu asked Ms. Njila if she was not the one who was blocking her from getting married to Banda and in reply the complainant said she was not aware of the relationship between Banda and Zulu.

And Banda asked Ms. Njila to tell the court the reason he beat her but she said she did not know and only saw him when he and the girls were beating her. Asked by the court how she knew the accused persons, Ms Njila said the two girls were her church mates while she knew Banda as a mere community member. Trial continues for other witnesses to testify.

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