ConCourt must guide the nation

Sun, 11 Feb 2018 09:34:05 +0000

Dear Editor,

I WRITE to appeal to the learned judges who sit on the Constitutional Court bench to take a leading role to guide Zambia and Zambians from unwarranted hiccups the nation had seen after the 2016 general elections.

The failure to interpret and put to the end some perceived court cases by some disgruntled politicians have put some Zambians, especially our majority rural Zambians into believing the fight to plot one is still on.

Yet, it is as plain as white paper that this was put to rest when Edgar C Lungu was sworn in.

This time around, political parties should be preparing their relevance towards 2021 general elections.

ConCourt for all I know, unless otherwise is the Supreme Court of the land and should therefore not be entangled with what is happening in lower courts over the issue of interpretation.

Unless there is something Zambians don’t know that they of course should know, the talk of last elections should by now be water under the bridge. Please do not do Zambians a dis-service.

The money being spent on the judges under this jurisdiction is too much to take its functions lightly.



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