Hamasaka's dismissal condemned

Mon, 13 Aug 2012 14:53:50 +0000

Chief government spokesperson Kennedy Sakeni has announced that the Ministry of Home Affairs will on behalf of government, dialogue with the Catholic leadership in the country and consider revoking the deportation of Rwandan priest Fr Viateur Banyangandora.
The deportation incident has come under heavy criticism from many figures in the opposition and the Catholic community, as it was seen as an abuse of power to punish the priest for speaking about poverty and shortcomings of the leadership.
However, Mr. Sakeni said people calling for the revocation of the deportation should make their submissions using proper channels.
During a briefing at his office, Mr. Sakeni, who is Information Minister and government spokesperson said to date, the government was only learning of calls and appeals for the revocation of Fr Banyangandora’s deportation through the media.
“If there are any grievances related to this matter, the government, through the relevant authorities, is always ready to consider such concerns, as long as proper channels are followed and enshrined within the laws of the land,” he said.
Mr. Sakeni, however, failed to disclose the grounds on which Lundazi based Fr Banyangandora was deported.
“I would not like to go into details as to the reasons for his deportation. The Minister of Home Affairs gave his statement. Let them complain through the relevant channels who should write to the Minister of Home Affairs. We have had certain deportations revoked before so these are issues which can be discussed and reviewed by the relevant ministry,” he said.


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