INNSCOR racist manager slated

Thu, 27 Sep 2012 15:25:45 +0000

INNSCOR Zambia Limited workers have accused one of the company managers of alleged abuse and use of racist remarks against Zambian workers who are employed by the food chain outlets in Lusaka.

But the named manager has vehemently refuted the allegations saying people accusing her of being a racist and abusive were being insincere and dishonest.

The workers who stormed the Daily Nation office said the manager was in a habit of insulting and using racist remarks against Zambian workers for no apparent reasons.

They complained that she was also in a habit of firing workers who fell pregnant saying she did not need pregnant workers because they were dirty.

The workers complained that efforts to have the food chain top officials resolve the matter had proved futile as the manager boasted that she was well connected in government and nothing would happen to her.

The workers revealed that so far she has dismissed over 12 workers for being pregnant and HIV positive.

“Ask her why she fired the twelve workers. These people were fired because some refused to condone insults and any abusive language from her while others was because they fell pregnant and when they applied for maternity leave she decided to dismiss them,” the workers alleged.

According to some senior managers, “She is in a habit of harassing workers because of her connection in government. We are even surprised that she has denied insulting, the use racist language.”

The workers have since appealed to the Minister of Labour Fackson Shamenda to pay an impromptu visit to some outlets to see the level of abuse Zambians were subjected to.

But when contacted for a comment the named official denied the allegation saying it was some sour grapes coming from some former employees who were fired for misconduct.

She claimed that she was not in the habit the workers were describing her but that she was a handy person who believed in team work.

General Manager of the food chain outlets Henry Clark could not confirm nor deny the allegations as he decided to remain mute on the matter.

Insiders have also told the Daily Nation that outlet directors have also demanded for a full report in connection with the alleged reports of abuse, insults and racists remarks targeted at some workers.

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