LCC drainage scam exposed

Sat, 05 Nov 2016 12:35:33 +0000

 A SOURCE close to Lusaka City Council has alleged that there is a sophisticated and long-running scam in which a “cartel” of city employees leave certain drains clogged so that they can beg for emergency funds which they then pocket. Ahead of the rainy season, all drains are meant to be cleared to ensuring that there is no flooding.

In fact, the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit pays Zambia National Service as much as K3 million per year to keep drainage clear, according to the source. However, corrupt elements within LCC are making a fortune by interfering with these public works. “Actually the authorities that are supposed to be in the forefront of coming up with solutions are the ones that are creating and exacerbating problems or preventing solutions to be implemented. “For example, the Lusaka City Council would not want a complete solution to garbage in Lusaka because when the drainages get clogged and there is flooding, they easily go to the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit and ask for money as a disaster because it is an emergency.

As a result of that, the DMMU or the donor community or the government is forced to quickly come up with the money for the city council, which they do not use for the intended purposes,” the source explained. According to the source, this process is repeated every year without fail. “It’s a cartel,” says the source, “The DMMU is heavily funded by donors. So the Lusaka City Council goes there for $2 million every year.” These revelations follow local protestations among residents of Kamwala who have been calling on LCC to clear the drainages in their area.   Asked what can be done about the situation, the source appealed to higher authorities. “It will take the President or people of higher authority with genuine concern to dismantle this cartel. Once it is dismantled then we will have solutions that can be implemented. It will take the highest authority to bring change.”

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