Leave us out of Mwaliteta’s cook murder-UPND

Mon, 04 Feb 2013 12:23:09 +0000

The United Party for National Development (UPND) has dissociated itself from the killing of Western Province Minister Obvious Mwaliteta’s cook who has been murdered in Livingstone.
UPND campaign Manager and Mazabuka Central Member of Parliament Garry Nkombo says that the incidence was regrettable but that his party has got nothing to do with the killing of Johan Lyakoka.
Mr. Nkombo said it was wrong for Mr. Mwaliteta to make assumptions and accusations that the UPND has brought the youth from Lusaka to Livingstone.
He said that he understood that the death of Lyakoka was an emotional affair but that Mr. Mwaliteta should allow the police to investigate instead of alleging the UPND.
“It’s a regrettable incidence to see a life being lost in unclear circumstances, but Mr. Mwaliteta should not make assumptions and accusations to link the UPND to the murder,” he said.
“I understand it is an emotional affair but it’s also wrong to say we (UPND) brought in youths from Miles Sampa’s constituency to Livingstone.” Mr. Nkombo said.
“Look, the only person who came from outside Livingstone is only me the campaign manager and not anyone else,” he said.
He said that it was wrong for PF campaign manager to link the UPND to the murder case because that was a wild insinuation which also violated the electoral code of conduct.
Mr. Nkombo advised Mr. Mwaliteta not to make accusations and conclusions that the UPND had ferried youths from Lusaka in order to bring about confusion in Livingstone.
He said that UPND did not bring any youths from anywhere adding that the accusations were very serious.
Mr. Nkombo said that if Mr. Mwaliteta knew where the same youths are camped, then he should report to police.
“Mr. Mwaliteta should not make accusations and conclusions that the UPND has ferried youths from Lusaka to Livingstone to instill fear in the PF.  That is it not correct,” he said.
“Since Mr. Mwaliteta seems to know where these youths are then he should take the police there,” Mr. Nkombo said.
He further said that the perpetrator of the murder case should be brought to book and that the PF should not associate UPND to the incidence.
Mr. Nkombo said that the claims by Mr. Mwaliteta that the UPND has ferried youths from Lusaka were a clear indication that the PF has already conceded defeat.

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