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We hope that PF Secretary General Wynter Kabimba has learnt something from the wisdom of Sports Minister Chishimba Kambwili. You cannot assign youths to harass and demonstrate against a senior party official because such conduct is dangerous and undermines the well being and integrity of the party. Public manifestations are exactly what they are, a manifestation that displays indiscipline and unruliness of members of an organization rebelling against order and established procedures. It is creating a situation of anarchy to suggest that party cadres at lower ranks and demonstrate and rise against a senior party official who is also a minister. Such tactics only serve to harm the party and its image than advancing any other cause. We have said before and would like to repeat that the manner in which Wynter charged his ministerial colleague Given Lubinda was both unfair and unethical and a travesty of the principle of natural justice. There is no way you charge an individual who is outside the country and give them an ultimatum of 7 days. And worse still you go to great lengths to publicize the same in the media. This type of administration betrays a very deep sense of disorganization and lack of etiquette. In administration the message is just as important as the manner it is delivered in. Little wonder therefore that PF cadres in Kabwata constitution rose up to petition against Lubinda. It a matter of principle that any disciplinary action must be taken within the ambit of the provided regulations and in a form befitting of the offending individuals. The suggestion that Lubinda was treacherous to the ruling party holds no water because the charges are not only ambiguous but at best unintelligible. Any accusations against an individual must be very clear, citing the offence, dates and places where it was committed and indeed the law that was breached. We have been bemused and dismayed that accusations against Mr. Lubinda have alleged that we have been privy to confidential information against the party. We are at a loss to understand let alone establish the exact nature of the charges. Mr. Lubinda has been charged because there is nothing that we have published that can be considered secret and only privy to Mr. Kabimba and his internal core of officials. Whatever we publish is always the truth because we believe in serving the nation with integrity. We have looked through our records and there is nothing that Mr. Lubinda nor indeed any other minister or party official has given us that is remotely “party secrets”. As a media house it is our duty to investigate issues and bring them to national attention. We would like to agree with the Minister of Sport Kambwili that administrative procedures must follow due process or face invalidation for lack of merit, seriousness and procedural impropriety. We are convinced beyond any reasonable doubt that the campaign launched by Kabimba against Lubinda and indeed other senior party officials is a witch hunt intended to isolate and criminalize them against the party. We know of course that the party is made up of more members who may not have cadres but have a loyalty of some kind to the PF which loyalty must count for something when serious matters of the party are considered.

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