Nevers Mumba mobbed

Thu, 13 Dec 2012 09:51:09 +0000

MMD president Dr Mumba was lifted shoulder high by MMD cadres as he walked out of Kamfinsa prison where he had been detained overnight after being released on bail.

Speaking to jubilant supporters, Dr Mumba said the PF government under the Presidency of Mr Michael Sata was making him and the MMD stronger and popular by making him, his MPs and party officials sleep in the Remand Prisons for just causes.

He said he would not be intimidated by anybody because he was a free man and that Mr Sata tactics to destabilize the former ruling party would not work.

“I can tell you that myself, MPs, party officials and others who were made to sleep in the Remand Prison have come out more resolved to fight the injustices and dictatorial tendencies being perpetrated by the PF Government,” He said.

He also thanked the United Party for National Development (UPND) and the Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) for coming out strong against the injustices that the PF government was perpetrating.

“I must say am grateful to the UPND and LAZ for coming out strong against the injustices being perpetrated by the PF Government. Let us get united in fighting the injustices of the PF government.

Dr Mumba was yesterday mobbed by marketers at Chisokone market in Kitwe who were waving the MMD symbol and appealed to him to put pressure on the Patriotic Front (PF) government to reduce the price of mealie meal.

Dr Mumba, Four MMD MPs and two senior party officials, who were granted bail for the charge of unlawful assembly in Kalulushi, were only released yesterday morning from Kamfinsa Remand Prison following delays in meeting the bail conditions on Tuesday.

The four MMD Members of Parliament (MP) were Howard Kunda for Muchinga, James Chishiba for Kafulafuta, Michael Katambo for Masaiti and Annie Chungu for Lufwanyama, while the party officials were MMD National Secretary Chembe Nyangu and Copperbelt MMD Women Chairperson Edith Mataka.

After being released from Kamfinsa Remand Prison, Dr Mumba and his entourage drove straight to Chisokone market to check on the prices of mealie meal following complaints from the members of the public that the price of the commodity was in short supply and hence traders taking advantage of the situation to increase its price.

At Chisokone market, Dr Mumba had a warm welcome with marketeers in stands waving the MMD symbol, while others saying they regretted voting for the PF Government.

The MMD president bought mushroom, fish and other food stuffs before leaving the market in the mob of MMD sympathizers and supporters who kept on shouting and singing “Ichi Vote vote Mwaimwena mwebene. Ubunga balunda mwaimwena mwebene meaning voting anyhow, you have proved yourselves wrong. Now the price of Mealie Meal has been increased.

As he was coming out of the market, Dr Mumba met street kids who were waving a Patriotic Front (PF) symbol and insulted him, but ignored them and drove off from Chisokone market with his entourage.

Earlier a PF branch chairman was overheard instructing street kids to damage the mini bus carrying MMD cadres in Dr Mumba’s  entourage.

“What the Devil made for evil, God has put it to good use. So Mr Sata wants to silence us by making us to sleep in the Remand Prison, but he doesn’t know that he is actually making us stronger and popular”.


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