Police vehicle donation hailed

Sat, 27 Jan 2018 14:56:01 +0000


Kamimbya Ward Councillor Isaac Tembo in Luano has praised government through the ministry of Home Affairs for providing transport to Mboloma Police station.

Mr, Tembo told the Daily Nation in an interview that quick response by government could not pass without commendation for the good gesture.

Mr. Tembo noted that, provision of the vehicle to the Police station will help in combating crime because the officers would be able to patrol the area.

Mr. Tembo said Police at Mboloma Police station were facing challenges to reach scenes of crime due to lack of transport. He cited an incident in the recent past, where a man aged 85, of Kabololwe committed suicide using a wire but Police failed to reach the area because of lack of transport.

“As area Councillor, I am very happy with government having responded quickly to our cry over lack of transport at Mboloma Police station. This development will facilitate Police to conduct patrols where need may arise and reduce the crime rate as well as visiting crime scenes in the area,” Mr. Tembo said.

Mr. Tembo however appealed to government to provide another new brand vehicle to the station unlike the second hand noting that Luano was a vast district for the station to have one vehicle. He said sooner or later it will start giving problems for repairs that will compound the transport woes.

The Councillor added that the same way other Police stations are purchased new vehicles will also be applied to Mboloma Police station if they are to operate effectively because the already used vehicle will not perform as expected.

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