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Fri, 09 Feb 2018 08:36:10 +0000

Olusegun Obasanjo is HH ‘Chola Boy’

Dear Editor,

Allow me to comment on assertions by this former Nigerian leader Olusegun Obasanjo that we have inconsistent policies in our mining sector.

Come on guys, the fellow was simply reading notes written for him by Hakainde Hichilema of UPND.

After all, they both belong to the same organisation which pays for HH’s hotel bills.

What does one expect from a guy who talks through his s….hole as evidenced from recent criticisms from his own country?

One Nigerian minister as early as last week observed that, “with due respect to Gen Obasanjo, if you take his history over the last 30 years, there is hardly any regime other than his own which he did not criticise, except that of Gen Sani Abacha who did not wait for Obasanjo to criticise him before he was sent to the cells?

Zambians must be very careful with Hichilema because we know for sure that this desperate and failed politician has gone into marriage with vampires and deadly wolves.

In the case of Obasanjo, I am sure the deal is to flood Zambia with crooked Nigerians who everyone in the world shun to embrace because of their broken and criminal record.

Anyway that’s HH for you. The chap is so desperate to that he doesn’t care about this country.

In 2021, we shall make it very clear to him that he SHALL NEVER RULE ZAMBIA

Obasanjo, find your missing girls before you open your nasty mouth about Zambia.

Nigerians are the most crooked people in the world. Airlines don’t even let them pay for fares online. They have to travel to the airport!

What does this West African  know about mining?

Is he smoking too much ganja na munzake hech hech? Just dismiss him as a piece of rubbish.

Concerned Zambians


Kalaba, Kambwili wasted political spaces without imagination

Dear Editor,

When I briefly listened to former Foreign Affairs minister Harry Kalaba interview on Hot FM on Feb 8, I felt miffed, irritated and almost puked.

Here is a man who thinks he has some of the best ideas to develop Zambia but chose to sit on them all these years while in government as he amassed wealth.

And after filling up his pockets, big and injudicious ideas run to his head. He now thinks he can become our president and proceed to resign.

You know ba Kalaba, and indeed together with Kambwili, you remind me of a man who divorces his wife but she is always on his lips even in his sleep, talking evil about her.

The truth is, nine out of ten chances this man still loves his former wife.

Yes, you still love her otherwise why waste your time condemning her day and night after you have divorced her?

It is worse for both Kalaba and Kambwili because even after divorcing their wives they have decided to be sleeping with her in the same house (PF). What a shame?

Ba Kambwili even took a step further by running to court to make sure that he remains with his wife he divorced. Is that sanity? We all know that Kambwili  and Kalaba secured huge government contracts which gave them a lot of money and I think that is why they can’t let go PF because they know it is the Goose which lays golden eggs for them. They also fear to be exposed.

Don’t they say that if you can’t stand the heat stay out of the kitchen? But Kalaba and Kambwili are just big fantasists. That even today they are ardent supporters and members of corrupt PF just boggles my mind.

They are playing extremely cut-rate and dangerous politics which will not take them anywhere.

If PF is full of corruption, which you were (are) part of for all those years, why don’t you leave the party altogether and form clean parties of your own?

Just wait, the truth will soon catch up with you gentlemen and as they say that he who laughs last laughs the most, it is just a matter of time, Zambians will laugh last.

For me, none of you two gentlemen have impressed me as presidential material. You are just wasted political spaces.

You are better off looking after pigs at your farms.

Moses D Fwampu, LUSAKA


Esther Katongo misfired on the gutted Mwembeshi Police post

Dear Editor,

 In Saturday’s edition of the Daily Nation newspaper dated February 3, 2018 there was my article entitled: Open Mwembeshi police to enhance security in Zingalume.

In this article, I highlighted a number of concerns such as late reopening of the police post which was gutted in 2016, high levels of crime arising from the non-operation of the police post among others.

I even appealed to the Minister of Home Affairs, Mr Stephen Kampyongo and Inspector General of Police, Kakoma Kanganja to speedily consider reopening the police post.

In view of the aforesaid, I read and I quote the Daily Nation for 05/02/2018: And Police spokesperson Esther Katongo said it was up to members to come together and build the Police post.

“We will continue patrolling but what is needed is for us to have a permanent presence in the area, if at all the Police post was gutted that is a community property and police posts are built by the communities themselves,” she said.

The Police spokesperson was not right in whatever she said.

The Police post was gutted quite alright, but it has since been renovated through the help of the community members and some companies within Matero constituency.

Patrolling by the law enforcers is not enough. What we need is the reopening of the Police post as quickly as possible to enhance security in Zingalume. The Government should therefore come in.

All said and done, Ms Esther Katongo, the Police spokesperson misfired on our call to have Mwembeshi Police post reopened by giving unsatisfactory response.



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