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Ikelengi MP bashed


IKELENGI Member of Parliament (MP) Elijah Muchima is trying to prove relevance to his party by alleging that Patriotic Front (PF) has captured the police service, PF Deputy National Chairperson Davies Chama has said.

Mr Chama said in an interview that the allegations by the MP that the ruling party had captured the police service, were baseless and useless.

He said that Mr Muchima has realized that he has not done much for his constituency hence he is  accusing the PF so that he can be readopted now that it is elections time.

“Mr. Muchima has run out of ideas and you know it is time for elections maybe it is because he has not delivered for his constituency so he is making useless and baseless statements so that he can be readopted.

“These are statements without facts, where have you seen cadres in police stations or taking over the work of the police or any other security wing?” he wondered.

Mr. Chama said that President Edgar Lungu who is also the party President cannot allow lawlessness in the party.

The Deputy National chairman, who is also Defense Minister, wondered why Mr Muchima was dragging the PF in his issue when he made it clear that it was the police that werestopping him from campaigning in Ikelengi.

Mr Muchima has alleged that the PF has captured the police service.

He accused the police of not being professional and that every time he wants to go round his constituency, he is stopped by the police while PF aspiring candidates were moving around freely.


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