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Lafarge loses lucrative DRC cement market


LAFARGE Zambia has lost its Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) market for cement following the establishment of two plants in that country with capacity to produce two million tonnes.

The company has however leveraged on partnerships where it is selling closer to 10, 000 tonnes of cement on a monthly basis through an online platform.

Lafarge Commercial Director, Mooye Hamusankwa, confirmed that Lafarge Zambia had lost the southern part of its market share in the DRC following the establishment of two plants in that country.

Mr Hamusankwa explained that two plants had been established in DRC, with 1.2 million and 900 tonnes production capacity respectively.

“We used to have southern DRC market, however in the past two months, there has been two plants that have been built in that market. The first one that is in Lubumbashi with capacity of 1.2 million metric tonnes production. The second one that is coming up in DRC in the second quarter of this year is about 900 metric tonnes,” he said in an interview.

He explained that the company was selling around 400 to 1, 000 tonnes of cement per month.

“This has been extremely well received. We do believe that at the end of the year we are able to grow this closer to 10, 000 tonnes. That is what we are aiming for.


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