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CHIEF Cooma of Choma has demanded for the immediate release of the missing Hatembo siblingss, Pheluna and Milton so that they can reunite with their families and mourn their dead brother.

The traditional leader said it has been over two months now since the two went missing and that whoever is responsible should be ashamed of himself and remember that God in heaven is watching and will surely expose the perpetrator one day.

He said the disappearance of the Hatembos is disheartening and painful to not only their immediate family but also to the nation especially that the two are bread winners in their respective families.

Chief Cooma also demanded that those behind the heinous crime should be arrested immediately because they are not only a danger to society but also heartless.

“I’m speaking as a chief from Southern Province in whose region the two missing Hatembos are domiciled. My demand is that whoever is holding on to my people should free them immediately,” said Chief Cooma.

He said the police should use all means available to trace and arrest the abductors so that they can account for their actions.

Chief Cooma also called on other traditional leaders in the region to call and demand that all possible suspects in the matter are arrested regardless of their position in society.

He said lives of the Hatembos matters and therefore everything possible should be done to find them. The furore over the missing siblings has heated up as Patriotic Front Deputy Secretary-General, Mumbi Phiri revealed that a chief in Southern province was illegally holding the Hatembo siblings – Pheluna and Milton.

The Hatembos saga erupted when the family sued UPND president Hakainde Hichilema over the acquisition of their farm which they disputed but was however dismissed in court on account of being time barred.

Following this, the family agreed to appeal the matter but the missing duo suddenly appeared in Lusaka to discredit their own court case and henceforth refused to appeal the matter.

Other than an appearance at another press conference organised by the ZITUKULE Consortium, the duo has not been seen in public or by their family including Pheluna’s ailing daughter, 35-year-old Nasilele Nyambe who cannot fend for herself.

Nasilele is now being cared for by her elder sister, Abitail Hatembo, who complained of hardship because looking after her sister has led to her not concentrating on her business to sustain the family.


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