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By AARON CHIYANZO                

GRAIN traders are ready to export about 400, 000 metric tonnes of maize once the government opens up the borders for trade, the Grain Traders Association of Zambia (GTAZ) has said.

GTAZ executive director Chabuleni Simwinga said the grain traders had already secured markets and pending orders in Congo DR and were now working on securing a market in Burundi and other Great Lakes countries.

Mr Simwinga said Zimbabwe and Namibia were other possible markets for the maize that might open up soon. He said grain traders were grateful to the government and President Edgar Lungu for allowing exports of maize and mealie meal.

Mr Simwinga said following the pronouncement to allow more maize and mealie meal exports, grain traders had about 400, 000 metric tonnes readily available for export.

“Government has done a good thing and the pronouncement by the President is timely because markets are available. We have about 400, 000 metric tonnes ready for export,” he said.

And Mr Simwinga called on transporters to come on board and partner with the exporters.

He said the transporters both road and rail would play a key role in ensuring that the commodities were transported to the desired markets.

Mr Simwinga also called on Government to ensure that fuel prices remain stable because they could affect the trade.

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