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LOCAL contractors must not be sidelined in preference for foreign firms because they are capable of delivering quality works and on time, Local Contractors Association of Zambia president Mutale Mpepo has said.

He said in an effort to improve business for local firms, the association had procured some equipment to enable them carry out massive works.

Mr Mpepo said that local contractors were faced with a lot of challenges because most companies preferred contracting foreign ones.

He however said local contractors were delivering quality works and delivering orders on time as they were now slowly being considered for bigger contracts.

Mr Mpepo said the financial position of most local contractors was still not so good as they lacked adequate equipment.

He said however that local contractors were now doing well and no one was complaining about shoddy works because everything was now in place.

He said he would always appreciate the Zambian people for their wise criticism which has helped improve the performance of local contractors.

And Mr Mpepo said there was need to give credit to President Edgar Lungu for encouraging local contractors to improve.

He appealed to the Zambians to keep trust in the local contractors to boost the economy of the country.

“The only way is to convince the people of Zambia and ensure that once we given some work to do, we deliver on time as well as deliver quality works on time if we are to receive more contracts,” said Mr Mpepo.

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