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Patriotic Front Kanchibiya Constituency Parliamentary Candidate Sunday Chilufya Chanda has saluted the Catholic Church for its message of social justice and the holistic gospel.

Speaking in an interview after attending the Golden Jubilee Celebration at St. Andrews Parish in Mpika and officiated by Mpika Diocese Bishop Right Reverend Edwin Mulandu under the theme: “Appreciating the Past, Celebrating the Present and Inspiring the Future”, Mr Chanda said the Catholic Church has over the years demonstrated that faith without works is dead and that prayer and action are inseparable!

“Whether it’s in the health sector, education sector, agriculture sector, name them, the Catholic Church has led the way. I’m so humbled by the works carried out by St Andrew’s Parish since its establishment in 1970 to date”, he said.

Mr Chanda has further said that rural constituencies such as Kanchibiya District have relied on the Catholic Church especially in the health and education sectors.

“The Church has been able to reach the unreached with great compassion. They have built schools and hospitals in rural parts of the country including Kanchibiya District. We have had great leaders in this nation like late President Micheal Chilufya Sata who was a devout Catholic and embraced the message of social justice to the core”, he continued.

“There is no doubt therefore that the Church goes to shape the nation in many ways, by nurturing value-based leadership.”He said.

Mr Chanda said that it is clear to see that the Church has a mandate to build a nation that is blessed and is a blessing to nations of the world.

“I believe the church’s core messages form the basis of the nation-building core values, it is these values that transform citizens into nation-builders. This is what I have seen the Catholic Church doing in different parts of Zambia”, said Mr Chanda.


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