PATRIOTIC Front (PF) member, Mwenya Musenge, has ditched the former ruling party to join the UPND Alliance. Mr Musenge said he had decided to re-join the Joseph Akafumba-led NDC, which was in alliance with the UPND because he and his team did not feel welcome in the PF. He was speaking at a media briefing in Kitwe yesterday.

Mr Musenge that being one of the co-founders of the NDC, he believed that he would easily join hands with the members that remained and resolve the issues that were surrounding the party. He also said that he would abide by what was already put in place by the UPND Alliance partners.

Mr Musenge, the former Copperbelt Minister, was the first Secretary General of the NDC under Chishimba Kambwili, but ditched the party and re-joined the PF “I have decided to delink myself from the PF because my people and I felt we did not have the blessings of many members. The past six months that we have been in the PF have never been easy as we continued feeling completely left out as most members including that Secretary General of the party never talked to us not even for a single day,” he said.

 Mr Musenge also commended Zambians for exercising their right to choose a leader of their choice. He said Zambians have a right to exercise their rights and to stand up when things are not right through the ballot. Mr Musenge added that he was not re-joining the NDC because of the alliance it had with the UPND which was forming government.

He said he and his team believed that the UPND would deliver to the expectation of Zambians, looking at the proper messages it had been working on, in all the years it had been in opposition. Meanwhile, Mr Akafumba told the Daily Nation that Mr Musenge was welcome to rejoin the party that he worked hard for.

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