Dear Editor

MY brother is a staunch PF who’s supported ichipani for a long time. I’m sure losing this election has hurt him and his fellow PF members. 

However, he remembers what they used to tell us who are nonaligned when we would talk about PF negatively. Twalepusana muleumfwakofye. So when he turns around and starts saying these things you may say to him ukulusa kulababa and be oblivious to what he’s saying. AT YOUR OWN PERIL.

I quote: The youths voted, the youths terrorizing parents and sending them to their graves yearly with BP, the traumatized educated unemployed youths, the junta boys and girls, twerkers and jerabos. Kaponyas and monks, rastas and pierced noses. 

When you have this as your largest constituency, you better be very careful. This is no constituency to toy with. They spent the night on the queue for a reason, they’ve invested a lot in this presidency. They’ll not buy stories like empty coffers, debts or that money is with thieves. They’ll ask fundamental questions like; sir Mr. President what is your job description, if the money was stolen why canít you make the thieves pay back, if  the coffers are empty is it not the job of government and ZRA to fill them up, we hear ZRA has exceeded target 4 months before due date, where is this money, we hear there is more than $3.5billion  in our foreign reserves what is it doing there when we are in a crisis? 

Thieves put up bridges, hospitals, schools, new airports and the so many things they did, why should it be a problem for you clean guys to create jobs, lower the cost of living, provide  free education, free medicals, fill the hospitals with medicine  and offer other social amenities? Give us iwe, they’ll soon start claiming returns on their investments, I hope the returns will be ready for them to harvest, otherwise, God help the bearers of this investment. 

Nipano tuli, someone was President for 3years.

Time does not wait for anyone, it’s ticking, before we know it, we will be in 2026. Muletwelelako bambi tula filwa ukwikata pa kanwa, just my thoughts, good morning Zambia. P. S. CHAMA

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