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UPND is failing because they are replacing qualified civil servants with incompetent people – Saboi

The reason why the UPND Government have failed the people of Zambia is because they are removing qualified people from critical positions and replacing them with  cadres, National Democratic Party President Saboi Imboela has said.

Ms Imboela said it was not possible for the UPND to succeed in their service  to the people of Zambia when they had decided to fire competent people and replaced them with incompetent cadres.

She advised the UPND government to rethink their strategies and allow competent people who know the job to run the government institutions.

“It is unfortunate that the government has gone on rampage firing people in the civil service in the name of  replacing supporters of Patriotic Front because it should not be about which party someone belongs to but rather what the person brings to the table,”  said Ms Imboela. 

Ms Imboela advised the government to change their way of doing things if they wish to serve the Zambian people.

She said the government needed to put the Zambians first before their personal agendas as well as appeasing their cadres from the streets.

Ms Imboela further noted the fact that the UPND government was violating the laws and their own promises in their employment strategies where they were employing people who were not only unqualified but  had already passed the employment age.

She said that was unfortunate because the government before getting into power had promised to employ the youths and not old incompetent people.


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