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Let’s not use graft fight to fix each other – HH 


PRESIDENT Hakainde Hichilema has cautioned against the culture of fixing each other among public servants by accusing one another of corruption for political reasons.

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President Hichilema says the fight against corruption should never be politicized and is inviting opposition political party leaders to join his crusade against graft.

Addressing journalists at State House yesterday, President Hichilema expressed concern that civil servants were destroying each other reputations by smearing each other with corruption allegations.

He said the culture should be discouraged because it was not only destroying those who were being accused but society as a whole.

President Hichilema said crime should completely be separated from politics and urged Zambians to refrain from politicizing everything including the fight against graft.

“We need to fight illegalities and that is why we need to fight corruption. Crime must be separated from politics and let us not politiicise everything. On a crime, we smear corruption around it and then we lose direction. You take advantage of the gold scandal and say let me rub…smear X with the smell of corruption or crime.”

“You say let me name call someone for political reasons…let me name call someone who is my political opponent. Among the law enforcement agencies, you have the gold scandal, you say this is my chance to fix my fellow director and you send a text message that there are many involved and I have evidence. Let us not do that. It is nice to say check that line unlike I have evidence,” President Hichilema said.

President Hichilema advised against the culture of destroying each other for political reasons, cautioning that those in the habit of politically scandalizing others should know that they were creating a spiral of others to set them up.

President Hichilema said it was important for citizens and public servants to work as a team in the fight against  corruption instead of using the graft fight to settle political scores.



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