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THE Patriotic Front (PF) on the Copperbelt has said that with less than a week before UPND clocks two years in government, majority poverty stricken Zambians have nothing to celebrate about their decision to replace the former ruling party with because poverty and hunger has continued to worsen with the price of mealie meal sky-rocketing,.

PF Copperbelt Spokesperson Munalula Moola said, apart from the worsening poverty and hunger, the UPND has continued to exhibit arrogance, dictatorial tendencies and lack of regard for the majority stricken Zambians who are now regretting their decision to replace the PF and Edgar Chagwa Lungu (ECL) with the UPND and President Hakainde Hichilema.

In an interview in Kitwe at the weekend, Mr Moola said, because of the worsening poverty and hunger, high cost of mealie meal and other essential commodities, arrogance and hypocrisy being exhibited by the UPND leadership, most Zambians were missing the humility of former President Edgar Chagwa Lungu (ECL) who has now become a darling of most right thinking Zambians.

He said most Zambians were missing the PF and Mr Lungu because, unlike the UPND government which was giving tax holidays to multinational companies and subjecting struggling Zambians to pay taxes, the PF was setting a stage for Zambians to run the mines.

“Under the UPND government, we are seeing a situation where Zambia is being given to multinational companies being supported by the Western countries. 

“From the time, the UPND formed government, poverty and hunger has continued to worsen in communities. 

There is serious poverty and hunger in communities such that even those who voted for UPND are cursing themselves for making such a blunder. UPND will be clocking two years in government, but there is nothing to talk about, but poverty and hunger, Mr Moola said.Mr Moola has also said it was not only ridiculous, but also mockery of the worst order to the majority poverty stricken Zambians for the ruling UPND to be singing its own praises when poverty and hunger has continued to worsen in various townships.

Mr Moola said the reality on the ground was that poverty and hunger has continued to worsen in townships and the majority poverty stricken Zambians were not only feeling agitated, but also feeling mocked by the UPND government which was singing its own praises in the midst of worsening hunger and poverty.

He said, instead of working quietly to prove its critics wrong by delivering on its campaign promises, the UPND had resorted to singing its own praises in the midst of hunger and poverty and calling the PF and its leadership all sorts of names.

“As PF, we are not shaken or worried about the conduct of the UPND government because it is a party has always thrived on propaganda and lies. Even its victory in the August 2021 elections was out of propaganda and lies. This is why even today, they are singing their own praises in the midst of poverty and hunger.


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