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Atlas Mara remains resilient

ATLAS Mara Bank has invoked a business continuity plan which will ensure that the institution stays open for customers across the country in line with the Ministry of Health guidelines to prevent the spread of Covid-19.
Managing Director, James Koni, said the branches would remain open throughout the country.
Mr Koni, however, said they were encouraging customers to use digital channels, as these were safer options and promoted social distancing.
“The Covid-19 pandemic has emerged as one of the biggest global challenges forcing countries, markets, organisations and individuals to take unprecedented action to ensure public safety and business continuity,” he said in a statement.
He said Atlas Mara would continue to give the best of services through its products and services and help keep customers safe as they transacted across our branch network.
Atlas, he said, had also arranged for some staff to work from home using digital channels to ensure that customers did not experience any interruption of service.
“As part of our safety measures for our staff the Bank is providing with masks, gloves, hand sanitizers and also enhanced the cleaning of the Bank’s premises, coupled with strictly observing social distancing and limiting the number of customers in the branch at any given time,” he said.
Mr Koni said Atlas Mara would be airing some public service preventative advertisements in 7 local languages on ZNBC. This, he explained, was to reach the whole country especially the remote areas with the message of prevention in different local languages which they understood.
“Lastly and most importantly, I would like to commend the Government of Zambia, through the various ministries particularly the Ministry of Health for the decisive measures they are implementing to help curb the further spread of Covid-19 in the country,” Mr Koni said.

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