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Mosho restrained from administration of Kinghar Company

LUSAKA lawyer Lewis Mosho has been restrained by the Lusaka High Court from interfering with the management of Kinghar Company Limited or he risks being imprisoned.
The court warned Mr Mosho that if he fails to comply with the order, he will be liable for contempt.
“Take notice that if you the named Business Rescue Administrator, Mr Lewis Chisanga Mosho, whether by yourself, your servants, agents or employees or whomsoever shall fail or neglect to comply with the terms of this order, you shall be liable for contempt of court which may result in your imprisonment for contempt of court,” read the penal notice.
This is in a matter where Zhang Xiaomin and Mulozi Trading Limited have sued Youjun Zhuan, Wang Qingghal and Kingphar Company Zambia in the Lusaka High Court Commercial division.
Mr Mosho acts as the business rescue administrator of Kingphar Company Zambia.
According to an amended order for interlocutory injunction, the court considered the affidavit by Zhang Xiaomin who understood that if the court later finds that the order for injunction causes loss to the defendants and decides that they should be compensated, he will comply with any order the court may make.
The court therefore, restrained Mr Mosho by way of prohibiting injunction from performing the powers of the business rescue administrator of Kingphar. He was restrained from appointing the Chief Executive Officer, management or adviser of the company.
The court prohibited Mr Mosho from interfering in the operations and day to day business of Kingphar.
Mr Mosho was further directed to reverse any acts or conduct he made with regards the powers and functions of a business rescue administrator which may include appointing a Chief Executive Officer of the Company and other things.
He was also ordered to reverse management of Kingphar‘ assets.
The court said management of Kingphar Company Zambia will be vested in the directors, pending hearing of the matter.
Interparte hearing will come up on May 11 this year.

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