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WE are in the process of requesting Treasury authority from the Ministry of Finance to employ teachers, the Ministry of General Education has said.

This followings revelation that over 50, 000 trained teachers across the country were unemployed.
Ministry of General Education spokesperson, Nondo Chilongo, said in an interview that the ministry would wait for authority from the Ministry of Finance to recruit more teachers.
Ms Chilongo explained that before they could go ahead and recruit teachers, they had to seek Treasury authority.
She said the Ministry of General Education was in need of teachers and had the desire to recruit even more.
Ms Chilongo said that as soon as Treasury authority was granted, the recruitment exercise for teachers would commence.
“Of course as the ministry, we have plans to recruit teachers, we have been engaging the Ministry of Finance because, for us to recruit, we need authority from the Ministry of Finance, so we are just waiting for a response,” she added.
Ms Chilongo said the ministry had been lobbying for teacher recruitment because of the increasing need for more teachers in schools while on the other hand the number of trained teachers who were not employed was rising.
Earlier, the Basic Teacher’s Union of Zambia (BETUZ) urged Government to urgently recruit teachers because there are now over 50, 000 trained teachers without employment.
BETUZ Secretary-General Henry Sinkala said there had not been any teacher recruitment in the past two years and the number of teachers who had graduated was increasing.


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