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Probe Nchito forgery case, police urged

POLICE should quickly investigate Mr Nchima Nchito and two other lawyers for presenting forged documents in court because it is a serious criminal offence, the Youth In Action For Sustainable Development (YASD) has demanded.
YASD executive director, Zededy Lukwesa, said the police should quickly move in and investigate the matter.
The matter, he said was very serious and all those involved should be brought to book.
Mr Lukwesa said several people had been prosecuted for uttering documents and that the same should happen.
He said there were no sacred cows when it came to facing the law.
“The police should quickly move in and investigate the Nchitos’ forgery issue. Why should it only end with reporting to LAZ when other people have been prosecuted for the same offence,” Mr Lukwesa said.
Mr. Lukwesa urged the LAZ to ensure that Mr Nchito and other lawyers have their practicing licences revoked if proven guilty of the offence.
“We call on police to investigate the case and punish them if they are proven guilty. It’s unacceptable for a lawyer to cheat the judiciary in order to win the case,” he said.
Mr. Lukwesa said the alleged forgery case against the lawyers had sent a wrong signal to Zambians and could dent the image of the legal

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