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PATRIOTIC Front (PF) Lusaka Province youth chairman Kennedy Kamba says those against the gesture by the party to distribute branded exercise books to rural communities should just stay away, if they do not have anything better to offer.

And Mr. Kamba says opposition propaganda manoeuvres to brand toilet tissue and sweets with President Lungu’s portrait will not defeat the PF’s development agenda and has since said such do not belong to the party.

Mr. Kamba said the PF will not be stopped from continuing with the distribution of the books to the underprivileged because this has nothing to do with campaigns but a gesture by the party to assist the people.

He was responding to political activist Laura Miti who said the PF should stop the distribution of campaign books in schools branded with President Lungu’s portrait.

“If she has got enough money to feed her family, let her stay away. This is not politics. Campaigning will only be after two years. We are helping the people in need as a party not as government.” Mr. Kamba said.

Mr. Kamba explained that the gesture by the PF leadership to distribute the branded exercise books has been well received by both the church and the people in the communities especially the rural parts of the country.

“The people of Zambia are very happy with the distribution of these books. If they can’t help the Zambian people with even a box of matches, let them stay away.” he said.

The PF secured 37,000 exercise books, which are to be distributed in Lusaka Province’s various constituencies to help school going children whose parents could not afford important necessities to education.

And commenting on pictures in circulation on social media of toilet tissues and sweets branded with President Lungu’s portrait, Mr. Kamba said these do not belong to the PF and warns that such propaganda will not help the opposition.

He said should the opposition dwell on using such propaganda to de-campaign the PF, as was the case in the last election, it will not help because this cannot defeat numerous developments achieved which the people voted for.


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