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Mon, 26 Feb 2018 08:54:10 +0000

Well-done Zanaco FC

 Dear Editor,

ZANACO is one of Zambia’s envoys in the CAF Champions League of Africa’s prestigious football tournament.

The Numba Mumamba tutored outfit have progressed to the last 16 of group stage of the tournament.

This follows the team’s thumping of their opponents, Gambia Armed Forces Football Club 3-0 and 3-1 at home and away respectively.

The 3-1 humiliating of Gambia Armed Forces at the latter’s backyard entails that the former have qualified on 6-1 goal aggregate.

Zanaco’s next opponents are Mbabane Swallows of Swaziland. The first match will be played in Zambia during the first week of March.

The Zambia’s envoys have started the tournament on a positive note and they have a pedigree of good players who are equal to the task.

They can steer the team to greater heights and ultimately win the coveted trophy.

With discipline, focus and hard work, victory is certain for the bankers sponsored outfit.




Dear Editor

I WRITE with disgust on how Zambia and Zambians at large have lost it out on real politics and politicians.

The current crop of politicians leaves much to be desired to say the least.

They have just assigned themselves to be noise makers instead of being the government in waiting.

No wonder PF is having it easy because they face no real challenge on the political battlefront.

Instead of giving alternatives to the government, they are busy embroiled in a fight to get into power, much to the disappointment of the general citizenry.

Late Michael Sata when in opposition gave the then ruling MMD Government of late President Mwanawasa sleepless nights with his constructive and mature checks and balances on the state of affairs of our nation.

He was not only focusing on plot one but was making sure that those in power delivered according to people’s expectations.

No wonder Mwanawasa at least performed to people’s expectations.

May the souls of the late two gallant politicians (Presidents Mwanawasa and Sata) rest in peace.

The current opposition political parties however have to change their ball game if they have to unseat the ruling Patriotic Front Party in government of President Edgar Lungu.

Concerned Citizen. Chingola


Zambia should ban sex dolls

Dear Editor,

I DO not know where this world is going to. Imagine some men are now divorcing their wives to marry sex dolls.

Of course this is some kind of super masturbation which the Bible condemns as sin.

It is possible we could be in End Times because the many things that are taking place today are simply bizarre and out of this world.

Government should quickly move in and criminalize the sale of any form of sex toys because ours is a Christian nation.

Let us not wait until the situation gets out of hand.

The church too should also play its role by spreading the good news of Jesus Christ and pointing out the badness of such developments in out country.

Concerned senior citizen


Let UPND call for a convention and leave Kabila alone

Dear Editor,

I SHOCKINGLY read somewhere that the UPND leadership was put out by the visit to Zambia of DR Congo President Joseph Kabila.

I learnt that their bone of contention bordered on the lines of Kabila having overstayed in State House without giving chance to others.

I was shocked because I think that UPND should be the last bunch of leaders to criticise Kabila when they are not democratic themselves.

Take their leader Hakainde Hichilema who has been at the helm of the party for years and in the process lost five presidential elections and he is still in contention.

Talk of a UPND convention to elect new leaders, it is an unthinkable thing which will never happen as long as HH lives.

And today HH and his minions must have the guts to condemn Kabila.

Just why should do they that because they are equally power hungry leaders who hate change.

HH leadership of UPND was not subjected to a vote but simply given to himbecuse he isTonga.

UPND actually reminded me of what Jesus Christ said about someone pointing a log in the eye of his friend when he has two or three in his.

So they should not condemn what they practice. This holier than thou attitude will not do.

I am challenging HH to call for a convention today and subject himself to an election if he is a democrat he claims to be.

So if UPND has nothing better to talk about, they should just shut up and we can all go bed.

Joseph Sipambuleki

Ritual murders have continued in Zingalume


Dear Editor,

I HAVE written several articles for the media, appealing to the Minister of Home Affairs and the police command to expedite the reopening of Mwembeshi Police Post, but to no avail.

The said police post was gutted in March 2016 by the irate residents exacerbated by increased ritual murders.

Despite many residents bemoaning  the high crime rate due to compromised security in the area, nothing has been done to avert the vice as alluded

Barely a few days ago, the body of a male adult was picked with private parts missing.

The continued ritual murders in Zingalume Township are a sad development and surely a lasting solution must be found.

The good news is that one of the suspected murderers was arrested and his house was set ablaze by some enraged residents.

He is currently being detained in the police cells pending further investigations.

Over and above everything else, the panacea to high crime rate and murder in particular in Zingalume is to reopen the gutted police post, which has since been renovated through corporate social responsibility (CSR).


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