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THE South African government does not support Zambia’s newly formed Socialist Party directly or indirectly, the Daily Nation has established.

And the South African government has described the Zambia – South Africa relations as incomparable.

According to an official from South African High Commission in Lusaka, the South African government was not backing the Socialist Party and had no intension to champion its agenda or that of any political organisation locally or abroad.

The comment comes amid reports that some Socialist Party’s activities were coordinated by financiers in South Africa, Venezuela and Cuba.

The official however explained that such reports had potential to jeopardise the cordial relationship which the government shared with President Edgar Lungu’s administration.

“The rapport currently being enjoyed between Zambians and South Africans can be negatively affected if such reports continue to circulate in public domain.

It is not the South African government’s responsibility to fund or provide any assistance towards any possible calls for regime change in Zambia.”

The official said if it were true that certain activities of the Socialist Party were conducted in South Africa then it was done by individual citizens.

The official further said the bilateral relationship Zambia and South Africa shared was incomparable. “Trade between Zambia and South Africa has increased substantially through the existing warm and cordial relations.

“There is a strong bond between Zambians and South Africans. That’s why you see a lot of South Africans in Zambia conducting various businesses and vice versa.”

The official explained that South Africa remained committed to working with Zambia in bettering the lives of the people in both countries.

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