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Kabwata aspirants cry foul


THREE Patriotic Front Kabwata aspiring candidates have accused the constituency officials and its chairman of being compromised in the selection process by allegedly openly siding with one candidate among other malpractices.

In a letter addressed to PF Secretary General, Davies Mwila the three; Clement Tembo, Mulenga Sata and Gabriel Kibombwe, have accused Kabwata constituency officials of being compromised and biased towards Danny  Yenga, the other aspiring candidate.

According to the letter which the Daily Nation had sight of, Kabwata constituency chairman, Trevor Ngándu has been accused of open bias towards Mr Yenga while ignoring the other candidates.

The three claim that though they attended interviews, it was just for the love of the party because there was no impartiality by the constituency officials.

They have also complained of inappropriate donations to the constituency executive with Mr Ngándu being accused of receiving a vehicle for operations.  The constituency officials have also been accused of campaigning for Mr Yenga to the exclusion of other candidates.

Further, constituency structures were also allegedly instructed to endorse and support the candidature of Mr Yenga when he went to lodge his application while other candidates were as a result denied backing.

The three stated that despite guidance from the party against the use of personal branded materials, Mr Yenga had continued to use his vehicles and materials with brandings to campaign.

They said some constituency and ward officials also wear Mr Yenga’s regalia during official functions.

Meanwhile trouble was brewing for Lusaka mayor when he  reportedly went for interviews escorted by supporters from Kabwata and Kanyama  who were chased by Matero constituency officials.

According to a source at the constituency offices the unruly cadres were not given chance to get near the offices and had to be cleared by the mayor before he could be interviewed.

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