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Five bodies exhumed in Kalumbila


ONE body has been stolen in Kalumbila after unidentified people tampered with five graves in a bizarre incident.

Five bodies were exhumed at a graveyard in Mukonzhi area of Senior Chief Mukumbi’s chiefdom and one of them was taken away in North-western Province.

According to North-Western Province Commissioner of Police, Joe Njase, about five bodies have been exhumed so far.

Mr Njase revealed that of the five, one body had gone missing adding that the most affected graves were for female juveniles.

“The incident was reported by Kasanda Robby aged 56 of Manyama area Kalumbila District, who reported on behalf of the community at Lumwana East Kalumbila District to the effect that unknown persons have been exhuming bodies at the grave yield,” he said. Mr Njase said an inquiry file has been opened while investigations have been instituted.


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