Kapwepwe community to build maternity wing

Mon, 28 Nov 2016 19:23:40 +0000

By Nation Reporter THE people of Kapwepwe ward in Matero constituency will not wait for Government to come to their aid all the time but will embark on building a maternity wing at Lilanda clinic on their own with the help of the private sector. Patriotic Front (PF) Kapwepwe 25 councillor Patrick Salubusa said in an interview yesterday that he had decided to lobby the private sector as well as members of the community to  contribute towards the building of a maternity wing at Lilanda clinic.

He said that Tumba Enterprises, a company known for building schools and clinics especially in Luapula and Eastern provinces, originated in Kapwepwe ward in Lusaka and that he had decided to work with the firm as coordinators of the project.    Mr Salubusa said that he had appointed Mr Dredford Mwewa as chairman for works and infrastructure in the ward committee and as director at Tumba Enterprises, the councillor hoped that his coming on board would expedite the works.

“My office is not waiting for the Government to build this mothers’ shelter and I am therefore depending on the active participation of the community and private sector,” Mr Salubusa said. He said that he expected the residents of Kapwepwe compound to make contributions in form of blocks, cement and other building materials while the private sector would raise funds for construction.

Mr Salubusa said that site plans for the maternity wing had already been given to him by the Lusaka district medical office. He has called on other experts from within and outside the ward to come forward and contribute towards the project in form of money or materials.   Mr Salubusa said that each household in the ward will contribute a minimum of 10 blocks with individual business men and women operating in the ward to contribute at least three pockets of cement while churches and schools would be encouraged to buy a minimum of five pockets of cement.

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