PF has no agenda – Sejani

Thu, 07 Feb 2013 15:27:13 +0000

The Patriotic Front (PF) government has no agenda for the country and the people of Zambia must look for an alternative leadership, says UPND Chairman for Elections Ackson Sejani.

Commenting on the by-elections, Mr. Sejani said that it was unprecedented to have a huge number of by-elections created by the ruling party amid high levels of poverty and hunger in many parts of the country.

He said that it was disappointing that the PF government was failing to lead the nation by providing quality leadership and hope to the people of Zambia.

Mr. Sejani said that there was need for the Zambian people to protest against the PF leadership over the creation of unnecessary and expensive by-election by not voting for PF candidates.

“Look at what happened here in Livingstone, there was no need for our former member of parliament to resign when he was comfortably elected by the people of Zambia. Look at what happened to Gabriel Namulambe. He was a minister but he decided to betray the people of Mpongwe so why should the people of Livingstone and Ndola vote for people who betrayed them?” wondered Mr. Sejani.

He said that Zambian politics had become unreliable and for opportunists who only wanted to be in government.

Mr. Sejani said that Zambians should not be taken for granted; adding that issues to do with governance must be taken seriously because they border on human life.

He said that the failure by the PF in their one year six months in government to inspire the people of Zambia was a clear red card for any serious leadership.

“We need to see that our friends in the PF have failed and for that we should kick them out. Why should we vote for people who have failed to provide fertilizer for the farmers? Why should we vote for a government which is always looking for an excuse over their failures when they are the ones responsible for governance of the nation? The PF has always been practicing blame game type of politics since they were in the opposition. They have never been a solution to Zambian politics,” he said.

Mr. Sejani has since asked the people of Zambia to remain calm, strong and supportive of each other as the time for reckoning for the PF was near.

He said that all well meaning Zambians must embrace unity of purpose because the PF leadership had a different agenda for the country which was detrimental to the aspiration of the people.

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