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President Lungu’s unconditional forgiveness of Kambwili exemplary

Dear Editor,

IT is a matter of public knowledge that National Democratic Congress (NDC) president Chishimba Kambwili’s association with UPND was based on his ability to malign and paint President Edgar Lungu darker than the colour black while conversely promoting the image of Zambia’s most rejected Presidential candidate Hakainde Hichilema.

It didn’t matter whether assaulting the hard earned reputation as the family man, lawyer and national leader President Lungu was in good or bad faith so long public perception of branding ECL’s administration unattractive was carried on. HH and later the UPND Alliance was the beneficiaries of the ill-fated relationship.

They had realised that since Zambians detest corruption, using Kambwili, a former insider in ECL’s administration to blow the corruption trumpet and give ECL a corruption tag was the reliable way of planting the seed of discontentmemt among them against ECL. For them it was all above divide and rule so long as HH was assured of political redemption.

However, time has vindicated President Lungu that he is a man of integrity hence the decision of Mr Kambwili rethinking his political approach and left with no option but to render unreserved apology and start a new chapter.

President Lungu, whose reputation of being a peacemaker, did not hesitate to make a public announcement that he accepts the apology of one of the former lieutenants.

We endorse his decision and this is the Easter present to the Christian and democratic Republic of Zambia.

We are cognizant of the fact that Mr Kambwili might have been overzealous after his polluted association with HH gave him hoaxes of deception that he might be handed a lucrative post as Republican Vice President in the unlikely event HH was elected president.

It is unfortunate that HH would be this inhuman to misuse the outspoken CK and dump him when it was not so politically attractive to associate with CK as he was already in deep waters following the litany and string of mostly avoidable protracted legal battles hanging all over his head coupled with his regular appearances at police stations and court premises.

UPND should learn from CK’s unpopular decision to swallow his pride and rebuild the strained relationship with ECL.

The decision to use the same platform he used to issue unpalatable words to ECL to render a public apology is the brave decision to take absolute ownership and responsibility for his actions.

On the other hand, the greatest winners of this peace building project that has started are the Zambian people. On our part as ECL’s followers we rally behind the acceptance of the apology by the President.

ECL’s profile of forgiveness is well documented and self-evident as he has allowed even his departed friends reclaim their place of brotherhood.

ECL has led by example that forgiveness is the first step to rebuild bridges in life by not holding grudges even when our reputation was at stake.




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