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Rampant illegal fishing worries chiefs


CHIEFS along Lake Kariba have bemoaned rampant illegal fishing activities on the lake and warned that if the trend is allowed to continue, there is a risk that most investors in the aquaculture subsector will shun the area.

Chief Sinazongwe said Illegal fishing and stealing of fish from fish cages mounted on the  lake was causing serious harm and has resulted in dwindled fish catches in the vast man-made water reservoir.   “If the trend is not stopped most local and foreign companies that have set up operations on the man-made lake may decide to close their business due to huge loses they are suffering,” he said.

The traditional leader said he has been receiving a lot of complaints of theft and other illegal activities perpetrated by fish gangs that have taken advantage of lack of security in the area. 

Chief Sinazongwe called for the strengthening of  security patrols on the lake to repel those that are causing problems, saying this is the only more way the area will be able to attract more investment in the aquaculture development sector.

He also urged the police command in the area to be on alert and ensure that those found wanting receive good punishment adding that intensifying security on the Lake was one way of ensuring that the investments are protected.

And Chief Simamba of the Tonga people of Siavonga said if the issue of thefts on the lake should be stopped before it gets out of hand and result in investor leaving the area.

“If we don’t find a solution to this problem, many Fish farming companies that have set up operations on the lake at a huge cost may decide to leave to other areas where security is assured,” he said.  Chief Sinazongwe  also said he was aware that some Kapenta traders are camping at islands on the lake and conniving with fishermen working for large fishing companies who are selling them stolen fish.


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