VJ please retire from active politics

Mon, 28 Nov 2016 18:39:33 +0000

Dear Editor,

Sometimes VJ  just surprises me. Just what it is that he has not done in his life that he should keep on dwelling even on one-issues.

Admittedly press freedom is cardinal and important but who does not know that? When he was MMD strongman what did he do to ensure there was ample press freedom in Zambia? Nothing.

But now just because he is out of the system he wants to be seen as a free press champion. Or is there someone sending him to say those things for a penny or two. The latter appears to be true though.

I personally appreciate what Mr Mwaanga has done in the political and economics arenas of this country and time  came a many many years ago to stay behind scenes and start giving out free advice to the government of the day.

The stance he has taken is dangerous as it will end up taking away the little dignity that is left of him because of careless comments he is making will equally attract offhand reactions from the masses.

Is that what our VJ wants?

Concerned Citizen

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