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THE Lusaka Ministers’ Fellowship in association with the Pastors Fellowships from all 10 provinces have flagged off the national prayer initiative for the 2021 general elections. Speaking at a press briefing in Lusaka, Ministry of National Guidance and Religious Affairs Permanent Secretary, Howard Sikwela commended the initiative saying it has been long overdue for the church to take a lead in national matters. Reverend Sikwela noted that it was imperative for the country to host peaceful electoral processes from the campaigns, announcement of results, and after the elections.

 He urged the National Minister’s fellowship to continue with such kind of activities, saying that it is the only way the country can actualise the declaration of Zambia as a Christian nation. Rev Sikwela urged all Zambians to participate in the programme because the initiative is aimed at upholding the peace in the country even after the general elections on August 12. “I want to state that the Ministry of National Guidance and Religious Affairs fully supports this kind of initiative. When the church decides to pray for a nation, it is only in order for all Zambians and churches to support such initiatives,” Rev Sikwela indicated. And Lusaka Ministers Fellowship chairman Christopher Kabunda explained that the church is aware of the positive and negative potential that elections can bring in the country, hence the need to host prayers to bless the campaign landscape

. Bishop Kabunda disclosed that the prayers will be hosted on May 8, 2021 under the theme: proclaiming peaceful, issue based political campaigns to provide responsible leadership for the next five years of Zambia. He explained that the National Ministers Fellowship was confident that going forward, the country shall hold peaceful electoral processes, perceiving that Jesus being the prince of peace will saturate the hearts of all citizens to value peace and respect for one another. “This campaign period will establish a foundation upon which the next government shall stand for the next five years.

 Our sincere prayer is that this foundation shall not be stained with blood, corruption, insults, witchcraft or failure to honour God’s image,” Bishop Kabunda stated. He added that beyond May 8, 2021, the Ministers fellowship will meet on July 31, 2021, October 18, 2021 for thanksgiving and also on December 29, 2021 to celebrate entry into the 30th year of the national priesthood of the declaration of Zambia as a Christian nation. Meanwhile, National Ministers Fellowship organising chairman Canon Sihubwa explained that the objective of the fellowship was to bring the church and political players togrether.


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