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UPND spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa “lied” about being offered K6 million by PF ministers to defect so as to portray himself valuable in the eyes of Hakainde Hichilema, a former UPND official, Greyford Monde has said.

Mr. Monde said Mr Mweetwa, the Choma Central member of Parliament, was scared of losing his parliamentary seat owing to the growing challenge and pressure he was receiving from aspiring candidates in his constituency.

He said in an interview that Mr Mweetwa was desperate and trying to create relevance in the political dispensation through lies because he was trying to secure an adoption.

Mr. Monde, who is former Livestock minister described claims by Mr. Mweetwa that the PF offered him K6 million as cheap propaganda and “last kicks of a dying horse.”

“That is cheap propaganda to lie that the PF wanted to offer him a huge amount of money which is three times his gratuity, he is desperate for adoption,” he said.

Mr. Monde said Mr Mweetwa lied to indirectly send a message to his party president, Mr Hichilema that he was valuable.

He said the PF was not desperate to offer Mr Mweetwa such a huge amount of money to lure him to the party because he was not worth that much.

Mr. Monde said the PF was too attractive to offer Mr. Mweetwa anything adding that people who were coming to the party were doing so freely as he did.

“We don’t offer nobody nothing. That is clear news of desperation, he is trying to look politically valuable and get undoubtedly adopted because that is his preoccupation,” Mr. Monde said.

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