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GOVERNMENT has engaged ZCCM-IH Gold Mining Company to start processing and grading gold from all mining sites in the country, Ministry of Mines and Mineral Development director of mines, Fred Banda has said.

Mr Banda said that gold processing was a very important part of the gold value chain and hence the government’s resolve to prioritise the venture.

He said ZCCM-IH Gold would work with the gold mining cooperatives and ensure that the gold was processed and graded for sale to the Bank of Zambia

Mr Banda said that the gold mining company would not fix the price, but this would be done in liaison with the cooperatives who were a key stakeholder in the gold mining value chain.

He urged all gold mining cooperatives to work with the gold mining company incorporated by ZCCM-IH to be responsible for processing of the gold.

Mr Banda assured the cooperatives that the government would ensure that they get value for their input.

“We will ensure that they get a good price for their gold,” he said.

Mr. Banda also urged the miners not to trade with illegal buyers, but only do business with ZCCM-IH who were the government buyer for the commodity.

And Rufunsa’s Chimwetu Gold Mining Cooperative chairman, Emmanuel Tembo thanked the government for the support to the small-scale miners.

Meanwhile, Pokela Gold Mining Cooperative vice chairman, Josias Malunga assured the government that the cooperatives would process and sell their gold to the Zambia Consolidated Gold Mining Company so as to ensure that they got the best out of their mining activities.


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