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By NOEL IYOMBWA                                                      

GARY Nkombo is being irresponsible by encouraging UPND members to continue holding campaign rallies amid increased Covid-19 cases, former Finance Minister Katele Kalumba has said.

Dr Kalumba urged the UPND chairperson for elections, Mr Nkombo to show leadership and stop being arrogant.

He was reacting  to Mr Nkombo’s sentiments that they were ready to be arrested and would not stop holding campaign rallies.

Dr Kalumba said it was unfortunate that the opposition UPND was ready to put the lives of its supporters in danger just to get into State House.

He said that political parties should conduct civilized political activities that do not put the lives of voters at risk in any way.

Dr Kalumba accused the UPND of not having a message for the Zambian people hence the insistence on being unruly.

“If you do not have a clear message for the Zambian people then you do not qualify for the political arena and if you think winning elections and getting into State House is about having money then you do not qualify go to State House to serve the people of Zambia.

“Again if your objective is to get into State House over dead bodies then there is something  wrong with you,”he said.

He said that like the ruling PF, UPND must have a clear manifesto of what they want to tackle.

Dr Kalumba charged that Zambians were not foolish but rational voters adding that money does not buy votes.

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