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Chief Chimese woos investors

Chief Chimese woos investors


LOCAL and International investors must consider investing in the mining of manganese in Mansa district of Luapula province to create jobs for the local people, Chief Chimese has said.

The traditional leaders of the Ushi people said Government has developed Mansa district through road and other infrastructure development in order to attract investment.

Chief Chimese was speaking on Sunday at St Francis Wusakile Catholic Church during his farewell to members of the Legio Maria Group where he was a member before he become a chief.

He said he was inviting people to come and contribute to the development of his Chiefdom through agriculture, mining of manganese and other areas

“Mansa is not a village, it is a town and those who visited a long time ago, will be surprised because the Government has put up infrastructure like roads.

“So, I am inviting you to come and develop my chiefdom by investing in manganese mining, agriculture and other sectors. I am opening up my Chiefdom for development,” Chief Chimese said.

Chief Chimese also urged politicians to desist from engaging in politics of name-calling and using youths to engage in political violence ahead of the August 12 elections.

He said the only way to respect the late first republican President Kenneth Kaunda was to ensure that the August 12 elections were held in a peaceful environment.

“All Chiefs in Luapula province are preaching about peace. We don’t want name-calling, we want peaceful campaigns ahead of the August 12 elections . Politicians must talk about what they will do.

“Let us maintain the peace which Dr Kaunda left us with. Politicians must desist from using youths to engage in political violence ahead of the August 12 elections,” he said

Earlier, Parish Chair lady Maria Phiri said the parish was grateful that Chief Chimese had find time to bid farewell to the family of Legio Maria at Catholic Church.

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