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Frivolous probes will cost UPND Govt, warns Nawakwi

Frivolous probes will cost UPND Govt, warns Nawakwi


FRIVOLOUS charges against perceived enemies will land the new Government in high costs owing to failed prosecutions, FDD president Edith Nawakwi has warned.

Ms Nawakwi said it was appalling that the DEC had continued targeting Patriotic Front (PF) members on frivolous charges.

She said that the UPND was trying to turn Zambia in a one-party state by hounding out potential rivals using institutions like the DEC, ACC and FIC.

She said the recent summoning of PF members, Antonio Mwanza and Max Chongu, was a clear indication that there was a witch-hunt targeting the PF.

Ms Nawakwi said the summoning of Mr Mwanza was petty and a blatant disregard of the law.

She warned the frivolous investigations would make the state incur costs in compensation for failed prosecutions.

Ms Nawakwi said that it was strange that out of the over 15 candidates, the investigative wings were only targeting the PF while leaving others who also had funders.

“Personally, I feel there is serious injustice here. Why should the PF be asked to disclose who funded their campaigns when there were a number of parties that contested the elections,’’ she said.

She said in 2016 the UPND hired eight helicopters and also received US$10 million form the Brent Hurst Foundation for campaigns but no one quizzed them on the source of their funds.

She said was it was not a crime to own money in homes because there were certain business transactions that required people to have huge amounts of money.

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