Invest back home, Zambian Diaspora told

Invest back home, Zambian Diaspora told


THE Zambian Diaspora can help inject capital into the economy through investing in property in the country.

Zambia’s High Commissioner to Australia, Frank Bwalya, has therefore encouraged

the Zambian Diaspora

to invest in property as

a way of contributing to the country’s renewed development agenda.

Mr Bwalya encouraged Zambians in in Australia and New Zealand to

the country’s economic recovery in line with the vision of the government.

He said this during

a virtual meeting with Diaspora Connect Chief Executive Officer, Natasha Chiumya, and Mumeka Wright of Makeni Heights under the theme ‘A new approach to buying property in Zambia’.

“The vision of President Hakainde Hichilema and the people’s government under the UPND is to accelerate economic development to create opportunities especially for young people and jobs to lift people out of poverty,” Mr Bwalya who is also accredited to New Zealand said in a statement.

Mr Bwalya called on Zambian construction companies and land vendors to continue observing high levels

of integrity and professionalism so that the Diaspora could renew confidence in them and engage them to develop their properties.

He observed that some members of the Diaspora were let down in the past by unscrupulous people in a manner that created mistrust.

“The call for hard work and zero-tolerance to corruption by the New Dawn government led

by Mr. Hichilema should inspire all Zambian companies, especially small and medium enterprises, to develop strong partnerships with investors especially the Zambian Diaspora who wish to contribute to Zambia’s development

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