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K-Plus, Elson in Zambian conversations worth having

They have talked all things ranging from love, Jerabos, music, fashion to religion. This has all been done in the quest to redefining Zambian content by making it more relaxed, exciting and accessible to anyone using the internet.

With only few months old on their show, the duo, Kalenga Chambatu aka K-Plus and Elson, is emerging to be a major influence that is taking podcasting to a whole new level.
New as podcasting could be to Zambia, the two are proving that Zambian conversations are worth having through their podcast, ‘That Zed Podcast’.

This has come to be a platform where the two naturally discuss issues relating to our nation, entertainers and influencers with lots of ease, entertainment and intelligence. Following their podcast, one is bound to learn a lot about Zambian showbiz, politics, religion, trending stories and history packaged in an unpredictable and natural structure, which makes ‘That Zed Podcast’ unique and engaging.

The first season of the show has so far given 12 Episodes including the 13th one, a self-feature of Elson and Kalenga explaining their journey.

From the debutant show which featured photographer Davies Tony to the hottest, controversial and engaging ones like the Mutale Mwanza, Jimmy K and the Bowman Lusambo respectively, one can tell there is a complete new and relaxed way to discuss Zambian issues.

The presenters show that flair, smartness and understanding of their topics and guests. This helps their guests to have a platform where they could be understood and clear preconceptions people have about them.

“The more you get to talk to people, the more you understand who they really are,” explains K-Plus in the duo’s self-featured episode.

It is from this episode available on YouTube as well as other episodes, that we understand initially, K-Plus was the sole presenter before Elson joined in a little later on the David Kazadi feature. Despite their neat connection, the two only met late last year.

“I was reluctant to him(Elson) on the show,” remarks K-Plus.

We learn also that the Mutale Mwanza episode is the one with the highest number of views while the Bowman Lusambo episode, where we can know more about his house with a floating bar and office, has had the most engaging comments. Not forgetting the Iris Kaingu, Slapdee and Jimmy K episodes.

“The reactions on the delayed airing of the Slapdee episode, made us believe this is not our podcast anymore. It is the people’s podcast,” explains Elson in emphasizing on the influence the podcast now has in Zambia.

“We are in a good place,” adds Kalenga who is branded as the entertaining and nice guy on the show while Elson is seen as the blunt guy with the hardest questions.

The show is produced by Aby and video-crafted by Lloydee Kabovelo. Going forward, That Zed Podcast will feature guests not only within but also outside Zambia. With this transition, That Zed Podcast is moving from ‘Zambian Conversations Worth Having’ to ‘Conversations Worth Having.’

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