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FORMER President Edgar Lungu’s aide de camp has reportedly been detained and taken to an unknown location in what seems to be the continued persecution targeted at associates of the former Head of State.

A source in the former ruling Patriotic Front said Mr Chisanga Chanda was picked up on the 4th of February and taken to an undisclosed location within Lusaka for unknown reasons.

The source said that he suspected the reason Mr Chanda was picked was that they wanted to get information about the former Head of State.

Last year, acting PF president Given Lubinda had revealed that Mr Lungu   was aware that the harassment of his close associates and former ministers was just a ruse as he was the one they wanted.

Mr Lungu challenged the investigative wings to go after him rather than his associates who were innocent.

“Please, I know it is me that you are going after, please come to me if there is anything that you suspect that I stole. Come to me, stop harassing the people around me,” Mr Lungu said.

The source said it was unfortunate that Mr Lungu was still being targeted and that they had now gone for his personal bodyguard who was not even a politician.

The source also said it was a clear witch-hunt targeting the statesman and that the police needed to stop being petty.

“I can confirm that Police are holding on to Mr Chanda at an undisclosed police station but within Lusaka for unknown interrogations,” the source said.

Mr Chanda served as President Lungu’s Presidential aide de camp for seven years at State House and was still with him after he left.

Meanwhile, PF national chairperson Davis Chama said that he was not surprised that Mr Chanda was picked because a similar thing happened to him as well.

Mr Chama said that it was unfortunate that the police were not being sincere and that they never even summoned the individual but treated him like a criminal.

“We do not know why Mr Chanda has been picked but I can assure you that it’s political and we all know who they are targeting,” he said.

Mr Chama called on the police and other law enforcement agencies not to treat Mr Chanda like he (Chma) was treated when he was detained for almost 11 days.

But when contacted police declined to comment but promised to do so today.

Meanwhile, Police in Chembe arrested United Party for National Development (UPND) deputy national youth chairperson, Stephen Chikota and 19 cadres.

The group were arrested for among other things damaging a police car, blocking the main road and holding an illegal protest.

Mr Chikota was accused of damaging public infrastructure as the group allegedly dismantled a bridge that connected Muombe Village going outside to Mansa.

Mr Chikota accused ministers and senior government officials of corruption and aiding an investor who had an exploration licence to illegally mine copper, cobalt and a rare mineral called Sugilite.

In a related development, UPND cadres in Kasisi reportedly stormed a Chinese-owned mine and confiscated copper ore.

The irate youths accompanied by one police officer used the truck for the Chinese to take away the copper and gold ore. 

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