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UNEMPLOYED doctors have threatened to march to State House in seven days’ time if the government does not give a proper roadmap about their employment.

A representative of the unemployed doctors Walace Ndumba said in as much as they appreciated the commitment by the government to employ them, they did not appreciate the unexplained delay.

Mr Ndumba said the unemployed doctors understood when the new dawn administration promised last year that the employment process would be employed in January this year when their budget would become effective.

He said it was sad that a month after the promise, the government had not given a road map on the employment process.

“As unemployed doctors, we are worried because January ended and this is February.  We still do not have a clear roadmap as to how the process will be conducted. 

“And we are very concerned because this story of unemployment is long overdue and should be done as quickly as possible. All we see are pendulum statements and sound bites and we do not want that because all we want is the date on which the recruitment exercise would be done,” he said.

Mr Ndumba said the doctors had been waiting for employment for over two years now and wondered how much longer they needed to wait.

He said it was sad that dreams and careers of unemployed  doctors were shuttered because of an unclear roadmap by the government.

He also urged President Hakainde Hichilema to intervene and help them, stating that they could not continue begging for employment all the time.

He said that unemployed doctors were stranded and could not do anything else before being employed by the government.

Mr Ndumba however questioned what the government expected the unemployed doctors to do in this case.  He added the unemployed doctors were mobilising to march to State House so that they could seek an audience with the President.  He said they were confident that he would help them to explain why the process had been prolonged.

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