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UPND government sponsored by the West


 ZAMBIANS need to wake up and call the UPND government to check for being western, Socialist Party President Fred M’membe has said.

Dr M’membe during the mining indaba organised by the Leadership Conference Foundation in Lusaka challenge Government to face him and deny that they were not puppets because they were sponsored by the west.

Dr M’membe also restated that the US combatant arm aka AFRICOM would bring nothing but instability to Zambia.

“I challenge them (government) to face me and deny that they are not puppets because I am saying it again that they are a “puppet” government sponsored by the west,” said Dr M’membe.

 He cautioned that the same way the west, Belgium to be specific killed the DRC (Zaire) Prime Minister 60 years and melted his body in sulphuric acid is the same way they would harm the ones that would oppose them in Zambia.

He said the return of Anglo American and entry of AFRICOM was not in the interest of Zambia but was in the interest of themselves as they were after the mineral resources such as copper and cobalt.

 “We were duped over privatisation, duped over liberalisation and today we are being duped about the return of the so-called investors through the puppet governments such as in Zambia and Kenya which they are sponsoring.” He said.

Dr M’membe said it is a shame that Zambia continues to allow foreign mine companies to continue tax evasion while Zambians go hungry without food or money to educate their children. 

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